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Boost your math scores with our premium online training and personal coaching. Our expert guidance ensures successful outcomes.
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Why WiskundeWijs?

At WiskundeWijs, we provide top-quality tutoring for middle and high school students in math at all levels, including online training and individual coaching.


Online training and coaching enhance learning accessibility and personalization, leading to improved academic performance. These methods offer flexibility in study time and location, while also providing immediate feedback and individual guidance. A meta-analysis by Means et al. (2009) demonstrates that students achieve better outcomes through online learning than traditional education.


Personalized learning paths tailor education to the unique needs and preferences of each student, leading to more effective and engaging learning. Technology supports this approach by providing adaptive content and learning management systems. Research by the RAND Corporation (2015) confirms that this method significantly improves learning outcomes and motivation.

Personal Coaching

We offer unique online coaching with daily WhatsApp contact and weekly video calls for immediate support and guidance. Additionally, we implement personalized learning paths tailored to the individual needs of each student. This ensures a personal and effective learning experience for our students.

Excellent Students

The tutoring is provided by outstanding students who are close in age and experience to the pupils' world. This proximity ensures a better alignment with the students' needs and interests, resulting in more effective support and motivation during the learning process.
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Personal Coaching

We offer exclusive online coaching, including daily contact via WhatsApp and weekly personal tutoring sessions.
Daily contact on WhatsApp
Weekly one-on-one tutoring sessions
Groupchat with fellow students and tutors
We employ proven effective learning strategies, including active learning and systematic practice of fundamental knowledge.

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